Tawney and Haag

Lenore Tawney (1907-2007) was perhaps the most influential fiber artist of the 20th century:

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Discussing Jan Haag, Tawney expressed how moved she was by the aesthetic and breadth of Haag's work, recognizing her as a kindred soul, and pioneer in contemporary art and the unusual use of the textile medium.

While in her 90's New York based Tawney traveled to Seattle and visited Haag's solo exhibit at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, that exhibit arranged by Bill Rathbun, legendary Curator of Asian Art.

While Tawney had seen and followed Haag's work for some years, by the time she made it to Haag's Seattle Asian Art Museum exhibit, Tawney's eyesight was failing. As the photos shows, this did not prevent Tawney from gently handling the needlepoints, and experiencing their incredible texture, and the colors she was still able to see.