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1982-1987 Great-Grandmother's Legacy

Great-Grandmother's Legacy by Jan Haag
Great-Grandmother's Legacy by Jan Haag

1982-1987 Great-Grandmother's Legacy


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Double strand Persian wool on 14 mesh canvas. Continental stitch in all four directions.

Approximately 47,736 stitches

Dimensions: 13 5/8 x 17 7/8 in.

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Unlike most needlepointers, Haag loved the challenge of running out of a color. Notice the wide green border near the edge is a different color on the right than on the left. In Oriental rug making these "differing dye-lot" colors are known as "abrash" and are considered a distinctive and desirable part of the design. Also note that this needlepoint is almost all borders, another effect borrowed from Oriental rugs.

Jan Haag's first needlepoint use of the word "OM" in Sanskrit was stitched in Devanagari script on a corner of the GREAT GRANDMOTHER'S LEGACY's canvas. Almost all of Haag's later works contain one or more OMs. Indeed, they often became the first stitches she put into a new canvas.

Hindus believe OM is the original sound from which the universe was created. Haag was intrigued by the word/sound and its meaning, about which she notes, "It is not unlike the philosophy embodied in the words from the Christian Bible: 'In the beginning was the word....' Scientists have also discovered that the sound of the universe -- out in space -- is OM."