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1992-1994 Cantalloc

Cantalloc by Jan Haag
Cantalloc by Jan Haag

1992-1994 Cantalloc


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Single strand Persian wool, gold and silk thread, with threaded needle on 18 mesh, partly unworked, canvas. Continental stitch in all four directions.

Approximately 50,787 stitches

Dimensions: 11 x 14 ¼ in.

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Cantalloc means "the place of weaving." It is the title of a novel, set in Peru, which Jan Haag was writing in the 1990s. The narrator in the novel sits in the ancient ruins working on the canvas. Haag quotes from the novel: "Often when I stitch I do not realize the passage of time, and this was one of those occasions. I was not afraid." A Tibetan eye chart, forming the basis for a sun symbol, emerges from behind the Peruvian stone head. This Tibetan element is a reference to "the Asiatic origins of early Americans." The canvas is unfinished, just as it was left in the novel.